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OEMer mortscript

This will take any folder from \Program Files\ and create an OEM directly on the phone.

Default will get a UUID online as needed, to use offline create "\Storage Card\OEMer\UUIDlist.txt" with one UUID per line.


[1] Run script ( mortscript 4.1 required )
[2] Select the folder you want to OEM (anything from Program Files, see note below)
[3] Enter Name, Group, and prefix
[4] Wait

End result should be an OEM folder "\Storage Card\OEMer\[OEMName]" with all needed files, initflashfiles.txt, options.xml, DSM and RGU*(see below). You will also have a ZIP file in the OEMer folder.

Registry will not be imported automatically, however, if "\Storage Card\OEMer\OEMer.reg" exists, it will be converted and included into the OEM

Currently the script should allow for 2 levels of folders deep, ie \Program Files\S2U2\gfx\clock\* is ok, but if there are any subfolders inside clock, they will be missed. I havn't found anything that goes that deep yet anyway.

Tested the script itself and do not see any issues ATM, however I don't have kitchen access so I can't test the created OEMs yet.

Please feel free to test this out and lemme know how things go.

**Remove the .txt extension**
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