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Re: CDMA Workshop

Originally Posted by weedahoe View Post
Asking for cracked software or links to will get you into trouble. Although I understand what you are trying to do and want, you need to do it in a different way. Mods will get you for this. Infact, you need to edit your post before they see it. Im sure you wont get a ban right off the rip but you still need to be aware. Go do some torrent searching BTW.
Though your information is informative, and I appreciate it, it does not help much.

I'm not asking for links to software. I'm not asking for cracked software.

I do not see how discussing cracked software is illegal or unethical.

I've seen several threads with people discussing similar things.

In fact... their threads were far more unethical than mine.

Also... if any of you fear being deleted for doing absolutely nothing wrong, feel free to note me any helpful information you have.


Torrent searching is not really going to help any. I have all the software I need. Getting it to work properly is my problem.
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