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Re: BattLog Results Reports and Discussion

Originally Posted by thesfactor View Post
Same here Palladium...I don't have thermal issues until and unless I'm talking on the phone/radios are active. This thermal issue seems to shoot up a notch if I have the phone plugged into the charger, thus contributing to the battery drain.
That is one caveat that I left out of my previous post. If the unit is in anything but sleep mode (i.e. drawing any more than 20-30 mA current) then I see the temperature rise as well when hooked to the charger. I don't know if it is related to the power management chip or what (It appears to be).

The troubling thing (which I posted in the battery life thread) is that the LG phones based on the GSM chipset (MSM72xx) Does not have battery life or temperature issues, but the HTC phones based on the same chipsets do.... Leads me to believe that it is an implementation issue that HTC needs to address.
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