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Re: Am I wrong? (Sprint TV)

Originally Posted by eckramer View Post
I had the same issue. I finally, after 4 months, talked to a CSR that knew what to do. There seems to be a glitch with WM6.1 and the content manager. Sprint TV does not show up in the content manager on a WM6.1 device. The CSR transferred my ESN to a non WM6.1 phone, deleted Sprint TV from the content manager and then reassigned my ESN back to my far so good after 2 months...
Thanks. I still think it is dumb for such a huge company with so many devices does not have have a better internal knowledge base, so the CSRs and Tech support don't continue to say the same wrong things over and over. It boggles the mind.

Originally Posted by JeffdaBeat View Post
What exactly are you getting charged for? Sprint TV Premier or Sprint TV Xtras? A few of Sprint TV channels comes with your data plan. If you are getting hit by Sprint TV Premier then you can unsubscribe from your phone. Same with Xtras. Other than that, I'm not sure.
Sprint TV Premier. I thought when I was watching for a few minutes way back it was a free station, but I guess not. Then the ball of continual billing started to roll.
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