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Charging Issue Fix (Temporary) YMMV

I think I might have a temporary fix for the charging issue (This has been tested on phone calls ONLY). I'm not sure if this can be reproduced across the board for all TPs but mine seems to work just fine when I use this method. My TP has a manufacture date of 11/7.

A little introduction on the issue itself. Several members on the board here (including yours truly) have complained how the TP dies when it is being used even if it is on the charger, this is because the radio gets too hot and therefore prevents the battery from charging thus causing it to drain the battery until it dies.

What I've been doing is connecting the wall charger to the included adapter and then using the phone to make a phone call with my included headset or without the headset while holding it up to my ear. I find that the phone charges normally and doesn't drain itself to death. I have not tested this yet with the speakerphone on but have been able to replicate the previous test 3 times without any issues. The battery does not stop charging during this process. I will update further once I have more information with other types of tests. Why does this work? I have NO idea, I just tried it and it seemed to be working ok for me. Let me know if it works for you guys as well. Thanks for reading...

1) Connect wall charger to included adapter.
2) Connect headset to included adapter OR use the phone normally as you would by holding it up against your ear.
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