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Re: Any solution to this White Flip clock problem ?

Originally Posted by kaede132 View Post
the file that controls all of that (including flipclock animations) is 1c684cd8_manila. it varies from different stock roms. the cab floating around that enables u to have background images for all touchflo pages actually has a working file that lets u scroll down on the home page with ur finger. it, however, lacks an image used for the operator name/logo and uses raw text instead.

the one i'm using now was ripped from an alltel stock rom. date and alarm positions are located below the clock like the sprint theme and it uses an image for the operator name too, but it's a flipclock and lacks the finger scrolling. i like having the image logo there and the lack of finger scrolling isn't a big deal to me. i'm still searching for a flipclock that has finger scrolling and uses an image for the operator logo. date and alarm positions don't matter since i can always hex edit them.
Is the second clock you described a white flip clock ? If so do you have a link for it ?
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