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Re: BattLog Results Reports and Discussion

That is very similar to what I have seen, I will do a new test later today (Once I quit bouncing around multiple airports...), I have so many log files on my touch pro from debugging the application, I really don't know which one is which, but I have seen very similar numbers to what you are seeing.

From a combination of this benchmark and the log, it is clear that the major power draw is the transmitters, which is not a real surprise, BUT the magnitude of power draw versus what is being transmitted out of the unit does surprise me (maximum transmitting power is 0.25W according to HTC submission to the FCC) whereas we are using 2 - 4 W to get that transmission power which does not make a lot of sense.

As far as the charging current, the Current number does not include charging current, just the draw of the battery.
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