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Re: Bluetooth Headphones Question

Originally Posted by sprintmogulfan View Post
I have the Sprint Touch Pro. I am wondering if Bluetooth Headphones can be used to watch movies on tcpmp player and streaming video / tv through Orb. I suspect it is only for calls and music but want to make sure before I even think about making a purchase.
If your headphones are A2DP capable (most stereo ones are) then all audio from your phone can be routed to them in lieu of the standard speaker -- even things like system beeps and such. When I had a mogul, I used to watch movies in TCPMP with my plantronics voyager 855 phones, and it worked quite well

Note, though, that I'm not explicitly recommending the Voyager 855; newer purposely-for-music bluetooth headphones are nicer as far as sound quality goes. Plantronics created the 855 as an earpiece/headphone hybrid, and it's good at both, but not blow-you-away great.
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