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Re: Bought a Touch Pro off ebay, called Sprint, ESN is good, is it still all good?

There's no *real* way to tell, unless it came with an insurance flyer, an invoice with someone elses name, or a return kit with a USPS pre-paid label.

The ESN will check out with Sprint and Asurion, as there wouldn't be anything wrong with it. The only way you'll really know, is if you activate it, and have a 50.00 charge on your next bill for the insurance deductable.

It also depends on who you purchased it from, if you check in the diamond section of the forums, there's a thread about a few sellers on eBay that are using another ebay member (well, were using) to ship phones for them, and they are in fact using the insurance claims to do so (I got nabbed with one myself).
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