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Re: XV6800 need help, phone freezing/delayed in response

Originally Posted by jeeper02 View Post
Sorry no answer for you but get used to it....... Its WM just expect it everytime you do something to improve it....
Thats why I am fed up with it all. tried out the new touch pro and it sucks, so laggy and touchflo takes up half the free memory so when you load your fav software on it it runs slower than my old xv6800. will they ever get these things right?
So try a hard reset and start all over is my only opinion for ya........
well the gps has been working for about 2 months now without any complications...0

so why now...i think a hard reset is in order but what sucks is all my data is on my desktop and its dead...but now i have a laptop to work off of

i really dont want ot do a hard reset
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