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Re: Jabra BT3030 on the Touch Pro (interesting A2DP Bluetooth use info)

Originally Posted by Nagual View Post
EDIT: Now using the Jabra for the first time and it's awesome. First of all, I love how it allows you to put your own wired headphones of choice in it (I have a particular hi-fidelity expensive pair of Sony earbuds which I prefer, that have a short cord--a perfect matchup). It also works well as a mic for phone calls.

But my question about whether it can coexist with another BT headset is answered YES, and that's even better!

All I had to do to make it happen was go into BT (under connections) in the Touch Pro settings menu and then select the Jabra device (once it was paired) under "Devices"--there are 2 checkboxes, one for Wireless Stereo and one for "Hands Free"--all I did was uncheck HF and then my regular Samsung BT headset works to intercept and place calls instead of the Jabra!

Why do I need this? Because when I'm in the car and using the Jabra to send the music to my car stereo (unfortunately the car has no A2DP of its own) I want to be able to answer calls normally and not use the car as a speakerphone.

Sound quality all around is good and A2DP kicks butt...I recommend the Jabra to any and everyone.


It's great to finally have a phone with some advanced BT capabilities.

Since the included adapter to go from a headphone jack into the device's mini-USB is such a bulky, awkward nightmare, it seems like this Jabra device is looking like a better idea all the time:

It's also good because it'll allow me to pump the audio into my car stereo's aux port in a simpler way. (No built-in Bluetooth in the car, sadly.)

My question is this: can the TP use more than one kind of BT profile at once. An example would be, if I have this Jabra setup in my car and a call comes in, and I have my usual headset in my ear, would it pause the music and allow me to take the hands-free call like it does now? (I know the Jabra itself has a feature for that, but I'd prefer using my earpiece if I can.)
So I'm assuming that you have successfully paired the BT3030 with the TP. I seem to be having some trouble pairing it with mine. I have been using the BT3030 with my Motorola Q without any problems.

When I try to add device on the TP it doesn't see the headset and I can't pair them. Both are in discover mode as well. Any ideas?
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