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i have a Sprint 700wx also. I was talking with someone with a 750, and the topic of phone calls and microphone quality and background noise was brought up, by me. The 700wx picks up EVERYTHING in the background, and I have had alot of complaints. I've discussed this plenty of times, and keep bringing it up because I cannot see it not being a problem. I've spoken to poeple with Treos (650 / 700wx) over the phone and the background noise is offensive, and can often overwhelm the person that is trying to talk.

My long winded and drawn out question is..... does the 750 have the same problem?

I don't really care about EVDO vs. EDGE (I don't have 3G in my home city yet). Well, I do care about it for when I tether, but my city is flanked by 3G coverage, so it's only a matter of time before it makes its way to me.

But after using a Treo, it is very, very hard to go back to a regular cell phone.
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