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Re: Quest to modify the timeout for hardware keyboard.

Originally Posted by Cicatrize View Post
Anything can be decompiled.

What disassembler are you using, and what language are you trying to disassemble?

If there's no CLI header, then it can't be .NET, which I didn't expect, but I guess that's the deal. All your decompilers must only handle managed code. Do you have access to a diassembler that will handle unmanaged or native code?

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I'm not surprised if it's not managed code. Hell, they've been using these same DLL's for ages, most likely. Probably before .NET even became a programming standard. It's probably coded in old C++.
I only have PE explorer and reflector (which is free btw). I tried the following:

Visual Basic

I'm sure a way exists to do it but I'm not an experienced in decompiling but thought I would help in anyway I could, cause this problem drives me nuts lol

And I'm sure a new driver could be introduced by someone with the know-how. But without seeing the current structure, source of the dll's, I would assume it would be much harder to make one. Kind of like programming in the dark.
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