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Re: Quest to modify the timeout for hardware keyboard.

Originally Posted by Cicatrize View Post
Ok...I'm going to do this. It's probably going to take a while, but it will happen. Everyone knows the keyboard backlight goes out after about 6 or 7 seconds, and it's very frustrating. If there was one thing I could change about the Touch Pro, this would probably be it. So, let's get this project rolling...

I'm fairly fluent in VB and C++, so as long as the alleged system dll's that control these lights are coded in one of these two languages, I could, in theory, recode and compile with the proper tools. One of the following needs to happen:

1. Someone with a dll/exe decompiler needs to decompile the code and send it to me.
2. Someone needs to donate enough money to pay for a decompiler license (not cheap, $100+)

Since 2 is unlikely to happen, please let me know if you have access to a decompiler.

I think there are further possibilities as well, but I don't know. I haven't seen this talked about before. If you have, please chime in as well.
Man I'm so glad someone else feel the same. Its a pain in the "you know what" when you are trying to you the keyboard in the dark. I'll be watching this thread. Thanks for trying.
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