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Re: Touch Pro FAQ's - READ BEFORE POSTING! (Last Update 11/8/08)

Originally Posted by Big D5 View Post
* For a nice list of Touch Pro Essentials including How to, PST Tweaks, Useful Downloads, Hardware recommendations, Custom ROMs and Tools HERE

How to list summarized:
  • How to hard reset and why you should.
  • What to do if you're data isn't working.
  • How to add your city to the weather tab.
  • How to disable SMS Sent Notification
  • How to install the Picture Mail enhancement cab from Sprint
  • How to hack Internet Sharing
  • How to get S2U2 to work
  • How to install flip clock
  • How to get your battery icon with percentages
  • How to increase battery life
  • How to get wallpaper on every tab
  • How to use the camera flash as a flashlight
  • How to auto screen rotation with gyrator 2
  • How to fit more icons into your programs list
  • How to optimize your music tab
  • How to remove sprint Manila3D customizations and get an HTC Stock configuration
  • How to change "Reply All" in poutlook back to "Reply"
  • How to disable auto-wakeup when keyboard is opened.
  • How to GeoTagging/Automatic uploading of photos using Shozu.
  • How to get Old School word correction back (same as was on Mogul, etc)
  • How to Enable/Disable mute call when phone is flipped over
  • How to disable start-up sound / change it
  • How to increase your screen's sensitivity
  • How to change useragent in Opera Mobile to view full websites instead of mobile versions
  • How to rename your tabs in Manilla3D.
  • How to make your phone stop making noise when you enable/disable the radio.
  • How to remap Manilla3D to use Pocket Informant instead of the built in calendar.
  • How to increase TouchFlo's sensitivity, so you don't have to push as hard to scroll.
Um...I see the list of what's in the how to list, but where's the actual how to list that tells how to do those things???
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