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TP Fails to Self Activate - Defect?

I received my Touch Pro via UPS on Monday, and promptly swapped the ESN on the Sprint website. The TP tried to automatically activate upon first boot. However, after several failed attempts, I decided to call Customer Care to activate it manually. Calls and text work perfectly, but data still refuses to connect.

I've tried the ##3282# method, and it did nothing. I've tried Update Profile, and it tells me "No profile update available."

I went to the Sprint Store today, and after waiting for almost an hour, the technician told me that is an outage with the self-activation system, according to Sprint after another customer's Instinct refused to self-activate. They said I should wait out until tomorrow night at the latest...

My question is, from 11/10 to 11/12, was anyone here able to successfully activate a Touch Pro via the "Hands Free Activation" without any problems? Also, does this seem like a problem on Sprint's side, or a defect?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I am in the LA area.

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