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Re: Excel Mobile on Touch Pro

Originally Posted by slimjon View Post
Hi All... I just upgraded from a PPC6700 to a Touch Pro. Everything has been great with the new phone... Except one issue is driving me nuts....I use an excel workbook daily. This workbook has multiple sheets in it. When I opened this file on my PPC6700, it always opened to the last place I editted. On my Touch Pro, this same document ALWAYS opens to cell A1 on the first worksheet.Is there a way to always open this document on the last place that I editted???????
Hi there,

On Excel 2003 and 2007 it always opens where you last edited right? Does for me. I'd expect mobile to do the same thing.

I know ther eis a setting on 2003/2007 that declares where tog o when opened.
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