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Re: How To Flash Your Touch Pro

I updated to the Raphael_CDMA_HSPL_037 to unlock. Then tried flashing both ways described above. When I try the way JD recommended, I get a 0% on both my HTCTP and my computer, but it never goes any further and eventually errors out and my device resets to normal. When I try the SD card way I see the rainbow colored screen. Something flashes just for a brief second like no image found, but its so quick, I can't tell for sure if thats what it says and then just sits on the rainbow colored boot loader screen until i do a soft reset. My storage card does indeed have JD's image renamed just as mentioned above in the root directory of the SD card. Any ideas? Since flashing the Raphael_CDMA_HSPL_037 I have not done a hard reset, is that neccessary to make all this work?? Thanks,
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