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MSL not unlocking Sprint Diamond after flash... no internet

i flashed mighty rom 2.1 which has the generic rom settings, i downloaded DCD sprint carrier settings cab, and after doing all of that my internet got flaky with error 67 and 1012...

i flashed back to the stock rom of sprint, which reset my PRL as well as my radio back to 1.00 from 1.03 vrz, so i figured that it would be an all over fixing process so i can start fresh...

i checked device info and my username is no longer what it should be so i figured go into my settings using the ## code and change it...

i read through possible internet fixes but for that to work i would need my MSL to unlock the phone, i used the Get SPC for my msl, tired that number did not work, i tired the reg edit to create the log to get the MSL and its the same number, still did not work... i called into sprint and the MSl they gave me was still the same and it was not unlocking the phone...

i have not been able to find anything anywhere even by doing a search, but nothing is telling me what would change my device so that it no longer took my MSL code...

any help would be great needed, even if its to say im a noob and what i should have searched for... saying something is better then nothing

(sprint said to take the phone in and get it exchanged, but i refuse to give up with out trying everything first thats to much of a cop out)
MightyRom 4.13

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