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Re: Post Your Touch Pro Today Screens

Originally Posted by fat boy View Post
this set up rocks! Could you please share the info on how you got the clear clock and the wallpapers on each screen. I've been looking like crazy for this exact layout. thanks much
Be sure to back up your phone before making any changes edits to your phone!

Ok here is how to get wallpaper on every tab:

“Every time you load a file make sure your TouchFLO 3D is NOT active on your today screen. Once the file has loaded soft reset your phone and restart TouchFLO 3D."

To remove your top and bottom curtains: run the “NoCurtains[1].cab”

To have your wall paper on every tab: run the file called “mUn Background” – this should put your back ground on all tabs but it will make your slider become of centered. (Don’t worry we will fix that in a bit.)

If you want to change your clock to the “clear” flip clock you will need to do in this order: 1 replace the standard sprint barrel clock with the “”. 2. Restart phone disable TouchFLO 3D and load the file “” and restart phone

Once you have completed all editing to your TouchFLO 3D overwrite the following file in your windows folder “1e29e8e7_manila” this should fix your slider being off centered. You will need a program like total commander to complete this. Make sure to reboot your phone for changes to take effect.

All files can be found in the attached .ZIP file
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