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Wasn't blown away

I know I'm gonna get flammed for this, and I know that I should have posted this in the review thread, but I wanted to draw a little more attention to it.

I played with a touch pro at Best Buy yesterday, and I wasn't at all impressed with the feel. I had been waiting for this phone for like 6 months now, was actually in Best Buy to purchase it. However, I didn't end up buying it. It felt... weird. Don't know how to describe it.

The metal casing around the side of the phone is just gonna be a magnet for scratches. Also, the gray back plate and gray around the keyboard just looks UGLY. Man the GSM version of this phone looks slick, with all that black. I think sprint really dropped the ball on this color scheme.

Yeah, I know that this is probably the best phone out for the American audience, but its still not that bada ss phone I've been looking for. Don't feel HTC got it quite right yet again. Anybody else feel this way?
(this is only from a cosmetic stand point)

Also, I felt like the keyboard was too small.

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