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Touch Pro Review by a Mogul user

So, here's the low down on the Touch Pro.

I'm blown away by the tiny details on the Touch Pro that I haven't found documented anywhere else.

- The stylus is kept in the silo with a magnet. The phone is aware of when the stylus is removed and can automatically display the 'notes' section while in a call.
- The backlight is automatically controlled (can be turned off).
- The 3.2mp auto focus camera takes significantly better pictures.
- The Touch Pro includes HTC YouTube. HTC YouTube is better than Iphone YouTube. It really is.
- There is a new collection of on screen keyboards that are significantly better than the default Windows Mobile keyboard.
- The accelerometer is a nice addition. It is occasionally buggy, the phone does get confused if you hold it at certain angles - but overall, it is a nice addition. You can hold the phone sideways and browse in Opera without having to open the keyboard.
- The higher resolution VGA screen makes using programs like Remote Desktop (not included) much more pleasant...
- They included enough ram so that you can literally, open almost everything, and it is hardly noticable.
- The backlight fades up/down, and there is a new option so that while the device is 'Locked', the backlight stays faded. That way if it turns on in your pocket, the backlight isn't on full blast and it doesn't kill the battery.
- The annoying Windows Mobile sounds that you've heard for years have been replaced with new sounds that will leaving you wondering 'what was that? did I just get a text message?'...until you re-learn them.
- Added option to Alarms - 'Sound alarms even when the device is set to silent or vibrate'
- The same old Windows Mobile bugs are not fixed. Example: Keyboard buffer lag. I can still type faster than my device can keep up. This doesn't happen all of the time. Just occasionally. Also, the input box for text messages will occasionally render half way off the screen. The only fix I've seen to this is to reboot. These are both bugs on my Mogul.
- Built in Voice Command. I don't really use it, but I'm sure somebody does. I played with it, it recognized my voice well and read things back okay.
- MMS! Finally!
- 'Advanced' phone options 'Reject call with text message', 'Add new phone number to contacts at the end of call', 'Vibrate device when connection is established', 'When a call is connecting, open the notes application when the stylus is pulled out'
- The Mogul has somewhere near 15 buttons on it. This phone has MUCH LESS. For example, on the Mogul there are -3- OK buttons (front, side, and keyboard). There are -NO- OK buttons anywhere on this device. Most buttons have been eliminated. There is no Wi-fi toggle switch, for example. The functionality of most buttons has been replicated through the TouchFlo UI - but I will always miss my Internet/Mail buttons on the top of the Mogul.
- The D-PAD pulsates when you get a new message, and while it is charging (there is a light under it that illuminates around it)..
- When you plug in the phone, it asks if you want it to connect as ACTIVESYNC or as a USB DISK. When you do USB DISK, the microSD card shows up as a removable disk drive on the computer.
- The old "soft reset it after first boot before OEM customization happens' trick doesn't seem to work any more after hard reset. Every time I rebooted mine, it started all over again and I had to go through the initial set up again Is there any way to avoid getting pre-loaded Sprint crap on the phone?

That is my summary after 24 hours of use.
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