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Re: Retentions

Here is my experience. I went in the store on a Saturday evening to have my mogul serviced over Keyboard issues and Non connectivity of the Wi-Fi. The issued me a refurb which contuined to go into bootloader mode everytime i powered it down. I tried to tolerate it as well as play with roms thinking maybe its a fix. Thast Thursday i called sprint and connected with tech support over my issues. He could not offer a solution as i revelaed my fustration and offfered to upgrade to a touch. He acknoledged it wasnt an evcen swap , but due to teh numbner system Mogul beinbg a 6800 and touch being a 6900 by paper the system labled that.

I told him that would be a swap of nonsense and he agreed. as he had a mogul himself He went on to call assurion and order a new unit and credit my account the 50$ as sprint would eat the bill. and talked about how he could not wait for a relase of the touch. I knew i would not get the mogul until monday so i called ranting with rententions , who said it wasnt much they could do as they were unable to send me a phone faster than monday .I told them i would take the phone inot the store and i need something done. The store swapped that mogul out with abrand new in the box model.

I recieved the other one as well that Monday and swapped teh other mogul on my account with that one . Called Assurion told them what i did , and they were fine with it . I maled it out.

Called rententions Saturday spoke with them. After several negotiations and pleading my case they issued me a new Diamond for 149.99 billed to my account which i recieved today.

Note i also wrote ecare last week and after several emails espressing my issues they agreed to give me 2 touch pros for 299.00 each.

Now note this, I have been on with both companies dating back to 1997 for mainly 2003 - until i have 5 phones on my account all smart phones with an average bill of 35.00 - 500.00 per month. I gave them the break down on phones i purchased this year alone with an annual of ammount i contribute to sprint on a yearly basis.

Moral just be true and tell them what you wnat and expect
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