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Re: Retentions

I agree... sometimes I get angry when trying to multitask and the damn phone freezes, but think this way... nothing in this world is perfect.... Have you tried the Samsung instinct? My sister upgrade from a RAZR to the instinct, she said it was AMAZING... i saw the phone, and it really SUCKS! you're stuck with their stupid OS, JAR apps, and crap customizations.... Have you owned any Motorola phone before? They dont have anything cool and they also freeze. Is the most dumb phone around... the truth is that once you have an HTC PDA, nothing will satisfy you anymore. The Iphone: I see many friends with it now, they're on ATT ( expensive, contracts... ) and IPHONE also Freezes! i hear it many times. No other phone will take so many customizations as our moguls and diamonds and vogues can take. Maybe we are too picky with them? it's just a little 400mhz processor running so much stuff, try running windows XP, flash websites, listening to music connected to wifi using a Pentium II MMX 400Mhz with 64MB Ram. Now i question you , is the Mogul bad? Yes. But everything else is even worst !

Ps: My battery life is very good, you definitely have a bad battery, mine lasts the whole day.. using data, GPS, etc..

PS2: Why dont you try a cleaner ROM.... maybe all those hacks and customizations we do work the opposite way at the end of the road... The fancy dialers, HTC Home, GPS toggle, that stuff should one way or the other make the OS heavy.

i dont know... just my 2 cents....
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