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Re: Retentions

To get a free touch/vogue upgrade from my Apache and keep the Apache, I had to go into a store twice. Probably talked to 10 different csr's, and called retentions 3 times. It took some work but they finally gave in. If it's not a equal swap you will have some issues. They where willing to upgrade me to the mogul for free but not the touch because it did not follow there replacement or upgrade structure. It took some work to convince them.

What I had read before, and worked for my friend and I. Was to call retentions, only talk to a young white male, just hang up if it sounds like anything else as they seem to be more willing to help. Actually proved true for me and my friend. Mention ATT&T and wanting the Iphone.

I would guess that it might take a few tries before they just give you one.

Hope it works!
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