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Re: Retentions

I agree that the Mogul has some very glaring issues, specifically the lag when you go to landscape as you slide the keyboard open. Sometimes I dread responding to a text message because I have to slide the keyboard open and wait at least 5 seconds while the window adjusts. Then when I start typing I get bad results, like keys not registering, or registering more than once when I clearly only pressed it once. It's pretty awful.

I also have the stupid white spot.

My Mogul also freezes seemingly just when I need it. I miss important voicemails from the wife and from work because my phone is frozen when the call comes in.

I live with it because I'm on SERO, I can customize the phone to no end, it has a hard keyboard, and has wifi. Otherwise it's a laggy POS with a glaring manufacturing defect (the white spot).
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