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Dialing extensions with a pause (,)

Hello all,

I am a newb to the forum here, and had a question regarding automatically dialing a set number of digits.

Basically what I am trying to do is use my VOIP providers i2 bridge to make my long distance calls. This involves calling into a set number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) and then giving me a dialtone - after which I need it to dial another number in the format (xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxxx for locals)

I have had a hard time trying to get my treo to accept the pause (,) dialing feature in my contact book (although it does work in the speed dial book) My question is, is there any software that will allow me to put contacts into my address book in the following format

xxx-xxx-xxxx ,, 123-456-7890
Where xxx-xxx-xxxx is my VOIP providers remote dialtone and
123-456-7890 is the long distance number I am calling
,, is 2 seconds between dialing the first number and entering the digits for the second number.

Like I said, this does work for speed dialing, but I cannot get it to work for my other contacts in my address book. I have tried abbreviated dialing, but that does not seem to work because it does not allow me to dial the (,,) -2 second pauses.... I also cannot add the ,, into my contact info in the address book. Is there any other contact/phone software out there that would allow me to do this for 100+ of my contacts?

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