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problem with wifi

I have an HTC Mogul, and I am running my own cooked rom. I haven't tried out the wifi since I have flashed the new rom (probably 2 months ago) and I have found out that the wifi is not working properly. WM Wifi Router will say its connected, but no computer will see it. This phone can not find my home wifi network or any of the wifi networks at work or school. My School has ALOT of wifi networks... I have tried about 12 different laptops. (I work at radioshack, so I tried my laptop, the 7 laptops we got at work, my mom's laptop, 2 of my friends laptop, 2 desktops and probably more). I think i messed up when cooking the rom. My question is, is there a way to revamp the wifi settings without reflashing? I have a lot of stuff on this phone that I do not want to lose, and I do not want to spend 4 hours getting my phone back to where it is now. (Ultimate Launch takes forever to set up properly...) any help would be appreciated! since this phone is a refurb from assurion, it is possible that the wifi radio just does not work.

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