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Dear John letter to Windows Mobile

I dunno about you guys but when the G1 drops for T-Mobile next month i'm hopefully saying bye bye to winmo forever. I've been using winmo since 2002 when i had a motorola mpx-200 and you know what? Things on windows mobile have not changed that much since those days (6 YEARS AGO!). Don't get me wrong it has its good points too obviosly or i wouldn't have stuck around that long but M$ had such a great lead and opportunity and just completely let things slip out of their grasp

I work for a IT company that has aquired 2 Android Developers and i've been playing around with the G1 for about a month now and its pretty much everything I've wanted winmo to be for the last few years.

I wish i had the patience to stick around with Sprint until Anroid drops for them, but from what the guys are telling me it might not be until spring of 09' until they get their device...

Man I can't wait, 2 more weeks!

So who's going with me?
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