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Re: mp4 videos from my phone won't play on other's PC's

Originally Posted by ajb176 View Post
Hi all,

Sorry for the noob question. I tried to search but didn't have any luck so please forgive me in advance. I used my Mogul to take some video clips of my niece this past weekend. I tried to send the video to my sisters straight from my phone and also from my PC, and they both got an error message when they tried to use Windows Media Player saying that it couldn't be played (something about it being an .mp4). Can someone please tell me how I can easily convert this player into a watchable format or tell me what my sisters need to do with the understanding that we are all relative noobs? Thanks in advance for the help.
After you transfer the file to your PC, just rename the extension of the file on your computer to .3gp This should open up the movie in Quicktime. I had the same problem as you but this works for me. HTH

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