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Re: Touchflo3d Now on cab. Get it here!!! AKA manilla2d+skinz

Originally Posted by jethro_static View Post
Yo. thats a good idea.But problem is, I don't have all the cabs.LOL
I have added a link to the CABs that I needed to add from XDA to get Manilla2d working properly on my Mogul.

You also need to install Googlemaps and Opera Mobile 9.5

Heres Opera...

New tweaked cab from herg62123. Info post #68
Install into main memory:

Install into main memory:

Hardcoded intro Storage card:

Hardcoded intro Carte de stockage (french language):

And finally the Manilla2D cab file....

Here is the latest version from XDA.
Change Log is as follows:

Fixed Youtube on Internet Page
XDA-Team_Opal_Volume_Control installed
XDA-Team TaskManager_2_1_34837_3 installed
HTC_Audio_Manager_KAISER_1_2_614_712 installed (found someone reported this to work and it does)
XDA-Team EnlargedStartMenu installed
manila2d_N2A_patch installed
XDA-Team%20ContactFix installed
These files are no longer needed to be installed by cab form cause they have been placed inside this new cab file for us already.

Remember to backup your device prior to installing Manilla2D as you cannot reinstall it or another version at this time and will need to revert back to your saved image in order to update it. Hopefully a fix for this is in the works, but until then.... you have been warned.

BTW, I installed opera, google maps and all the cab files in the over the new verison of Manilla2D and it works with no errors at all using JD's 2.6 Rom, 4.25 PP, 24 Megs on boot, 17-21 Megs in use with Manilla2D running.

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