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Re: Flash Sprint To Cricket Help?

You can get your cricket voice working by loading a Cricket Prl off a website like the corolada website. This can be done by loading a PRL anywhere on your phone and then dial ##PRL# on the dialpad. Once Epst is loaded you can browse for the PRL file you downloaded. Unfortunately, every browser opens PRL's at plain text so it will require a computer to get the PRL on your phone ( At least to store it prior to loading it). Data will take a tad bit more work to get functionality (Especially if you want EVDO). You would have to get the Epst settings for cricket and change them to get your date working.

I thought about switching to cricket myself but I work for an Airline now so it wouldn't be wise to drop a company that I paid $250 to join. Sorry I don't have more info than that. I hope that helps however.

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