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If we could add Android on the Pro...

I've seen a few people questioning if they should upgrade their *insert phone model here* to the HTC Touch Pro. Since I am currently rocking the trusty ol' 6700, it's going to be a no-brainer for me. Site the ram, video, internal storage, mini-USB, MMS, TV-Out, gsensor, TouchFlo 3D, camera, Sprint TV, and overall shape for starters. The next question that I can forsee would be "Pro or Dream". Again I have to see the Dream as I saw the 6800... nothing about it seems like it would be worth the upgrade from the Pro. (Understand, this is all speculation as the Dream has yet to see daylight and specifications could very well change.) The main draw of the Dream would be the Android OS. Hardware wise I don't think the Dream will have anything that the Pro does not, plus the Pro has the advantage of already using an OS that has many of my favorite apps already developed. Add to that, people have already begun working on booting Android on "smaller" - read less high tech - phones like the Apache (6700) and the Titan (6800). So it would only make sense to me that the Pro might be my last phone for at least 3 more years. With the inevitable ROM updates, Android being placed on it (speaking hopefully), the gsensor being used for Street view in Google Maps (I can't wait to go rub that into a few faces of phone owners that I know) I can't forsee anything extra in a phone that would be a "must upgrade". Front camera - would be nice, even higher resolution - I am not attaching a PS3 to this or anything!, FM radio - there are programs that let me listen to my XM subscription, and my favorite FM station streams just fine, I do believe with the addition of Android apps, it could actually be the "Everyphone" killer. The next phone to get me this excited will have to come with an AMD quad processor and artificial intelligence. (I wouldn't be shocked if the Dream added those specs before release.)
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