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Talking Re: Uscc 6800 Gps, Custom Roms, Downgrading Guide

Originally Posted by Sprzeo View Post
One other thing, did anyone figure out how to get the Cellsouth banner off? I don't really think it is a problem but just a little annoying. In EPST it says US Cellular and I have tried to change it in the registry so a little confused, but I love the phone just that much more now that it has GPS and threaded text messaging!

Yeah, the GPS totally rules. As far as the Cellsouth banner, the solution is in this thread.. read a few pages or so before this one.. you have to use the QPST program, and YES, it DOES change the name for good. Meaning that subsequent flashes don't change it back.. I'm thinkin' it must've been in the radio rom upgrade. HAVING SAID THAT... I did NOT change mine to US Cellular.. I changed it to a nick name I usually give my phones heh. After all, why make it say US Cellular when I can make it say whatever I want!
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