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Re: Who would want Carrier Specific Kitchens?

Well I understand the need for other kitchens besides ppckitchen. Ive had the ppckitchen on my pc for probably 1-2 months, and only in the past 3 weeks have started building my ROM, and only because of rstoyguy and his tutorials. PPCKitchen, IMO, is too convoluted for me and if you read some of my posts about OEMs I am a stickler for correct settings, and I also like a hands on approach.

Now, I personally think that the kitchen in rstoyguy's tutorial is great and dont really know what would change with specific carrier kitchens, but I trust that there is a need or rstoyguy would not put the time into it. If he thinks there is a need, then obviously there is and I wait to see what this new kitchen brings to the table. I say go for it as there is always a need for more options