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I have been suffering very long delay (2-3 minutes at least) every time whenever I turn either the phone on or off using the wireless manager or the red phone button. I also suffer inconsistent connection with ActiveSync and I thought the only sure way with AS is to turn off the phone before I connect the sync cable. And the phone gets lock-up quite frequent whenever a phone call is done and EVDO is trying to re-establish. I called Sprint technical support and they told me to do a hard reset, and I posted to numerous forums to no avail. All along, I have been suspecting the culprit may relate to how I have been installing third party apps to the SD card instead of to the device, thinking I would save as much device memory and in the mean time be able to keep copies of the apps in case the device fails entirely. These assumptions are proved to be all wrong.

As soon as I read the posts above, I un-installed some of the WeatherPanel, AvantGo, Skype etc "trouble" apps, download the trial Memmaid and cleaned out all the junks in the memory, and boy, I am now back to turning the phone on and off without any delay, can connect to ActiveSync successfully every time without having to turn the phone off and so far I do not have any frozen phone after a call is disconnected. Lesson learned - do not install apps to SD and only install apps that are absolutely needed in the device.

Thanks to all the authors from the posts above that give me the inspiration to do what I have done now and really save me from performing a hard reset and lost all my valuable data. I am going to reference this post in the other Treo forums in case someone else is having similar issues like I did.

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