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cDate: Today date to replace the carrier logo

I created a script, which displays todays date on the field where the carrier logo is shown (see image)...

As you know, having a 240x240 screen makes every space prime real estate. There are a few apps that could achieve what my script does...Hidelogo (hides the carrier logo field), TrueToolbar (display lower tray), BTIcon (displays bluetooth icon in lower tray of TrueToolbar), and TodayDate (displays todays date on Today screen).

I liked the Bluetooth icon on the carrier logo field, because it changes color if a device is connected. Using the BTicon app, the only way I could tell if my headset was still connected would be by calling my voicemail to see if I can hear through the headset.

Therefore, after some research, I developed a simple script to achieve the above...called cDate.mscr

For more discussion, please see this thread....
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