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Re: Partial progress on the NEVO Remote control software and the Mogul

It doesn't matter if it works or not.
It's IrDA. The LED's effective range is not even a few feet. You'd have to sit with your phone like 2 feet away from the TV for it to do anything (possibly closer depending on the brand of device, thickness / opaqueness of the IR lens, etc).

I have a Sony Clie TG50. It has a long range IR LED. Most programs could only use the IrDA functionaliy, because the long range IR drivers were proprietary to Sony. Finally someone hacked them, and aftermarket remote control programs were able to go more then 2 feet. More like up to 20 feet often.

Most devices do NOT have long range IR, including the Titan. It has no need to have long range IR - that's not what the IR port is meant for. The Clie's had long range IR, because Sony INCLUDED universal remote software (though it only really worked well with Sony products of course). It was a selling point.

There are many threads about this already, the reason no one is replying is because most people already know of this limitation and have seen this posted before.
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