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Re: Phone randomly turns off

Weedahoe: Yes. I did a ton of tests involving the battery and it was fine. Thanks for the suggestion.

So I went to the Sprint Repair store today and that was an adventure. I told the guy that not only was it turning off (and I showed him), but also that the keyboard was messed up, in particular the function key, and that I was having bluetooth issues. He tells me to come back in a few hours, and I did. I walk in and the lady hands me back my phone and says, "The techs said the problem was this program [HTC Home 6-Tab Plug-In] and so they loaded the new ROM on there and that should take care of everything." I almost killed my girlfriend for agreeing with her and fueling the argument, so I kept my mouth shut, took the phone and asked, "Did you even check the keyboard?" So I open the keyboard, and sure enough, not only did the function key not work, but it turned off in my hand! So I hand it back, refuse it, they go in the back room and hand me a slip saying my new phone will be there Tuesday!
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