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How to "keep alive" large clock through lock timeout?

Hey all, staying at a vacation place where I don't have a bedside clock. Thought of a "great" a clock proggy on the XV6800, set the backlight and timeouts for "external power" to 0, then sit it in the charging cradle on the nightstand.

Worked great...for the first hour. Then the enforced one-hour timeout occurred (my company's exchange server enforces this) kicked in, and the titan went back to the unlock/pinpad screen. Sort of defeats the purpose.

So my question is, is there any way of 'faking' out the unit so the one-hour lock timeout doesn't occur?? Or is there a way of modifying this unlock screen so I can see the <large> clock even when the unit locks??

Probably not is my guess, but you never know...

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