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Two days ago my ppc-6700 took a crap on me...i did a hard reset on it and the radio (phone) version did not update...aka "Brick" i took it down to my local Sprint store to get it replaced. While at the store the sales guy told me that they no longer carried the 6700. I did have the insurance on the phone and he told me that i could send it away to the "Tech Store" which would take a few days. That didn't fly to well with i asked him about the 700wx...he told me that i could use my "Brick" as a trade in worth $75 towards the 700wx so the final price would be $600 and some change...again...that didn't fly with me. I needed a phone and i needed one right away! I've been a Sprint customer for over 2 years and i have never had a problem with customer service like this. I'm not really a LOUD person but i let my voice fly! The manager comes out and i proceed to have a chat with him...i told him stuff about that phone he didn't know existed...long story short...i got a 700wx free in return for my "Brick". I walked out a very happy some of those kids they have working at those Sprint store's have some snappy attitude's...the 1st salesman i talked with was nice at 1st...and i noticed him kinda whispering to his fellow worker about
"Man this guy doesn't know what he's talking about"...and asking him..."well what should i charge this guy?"...seems he didn't know what he was talking about...

So here i am a proud 700wx owner...i love this device! much more stable than my old 6700...and some other cool features! I've been on this forum as a guest for quite some i joined awhile people are awesome on here! Oh ya i'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR FOOTBALL TO START BACK UP!!! So if any of you want to talk football hit me up! Keep up the great work guys!!!

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