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Thumbs up Partial progress on the NEVO Remote control software and the Mogul

Hi guys, I dont know if you know that to test a remote control you use a camera ( any camera ). Just look at your IR port , or your IR LED on your remote control through the screen of you camera and you will see the white light coming out of it. So that's what I did with my mogul. I was messing up with the REG keys under the NEVO software and got IR activity using COM port 1 and IR Plataform 1. The IR actually blinks when pressing keys on the nevo. That is some progress, the software is really talking to the hardware. I did notice that the intensity of the beam is quite weak ( like everybody says ) but, that is pretty much the same as my old XV6700 was. It should work ( not from to far, but it should ) i did not have the patience to try on my Samsung TV, it had 47 options for you to try the codes. Is there anyways to LEARN ir? this way we can test if the program receives IR data. Is there any hacks to boost IR signals? maybe it's a battery saver reg key or something... let's try to make this thing work!
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