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What's on my 750v?

What’s on my Treo 750v?
1. Voice Command 1.6 – The upgrade is phenomenal especially when using BT, I wish it would respond over BT, as it did on my 8125 but that should be resolved soon.
2. SPB Pocket Plus – the Today Plugin doesn’t perform as well as Resco’s does with the smaller screen, but the soft reset on the close button up as well as safe mode on the boot menu make it worth the cost and it has a lot of other functionality.
3. SPB Backup- Excellent backup and restore functionality.
4. CoreCodec CorePlayer- plays all of the audio and video extensions that WMP refuses to support natively.
5. TomTom Navigator 6- Disable the today screen functionality, abd the screen is small but it gets you where you are going faster than anything else I have tested.
6. Cequint’s City ID- I love this functionality, I like knowing where a call is coming from if it isn’t in my contacts. It is definitely still beta and can crash the GWES Kernel, as kill your data connection, but it has been stable lately.
7. Exchange Activesync-This will shortly surpass Blackberry it is better than candy.
8. Microsoft Reader- Helps to read a book once in a while to keep the Mind awake.
9. OneNote Mobile- Still learning to use it, but it transfers data between Windows and the Treo better than Activesync.
10. Resco File Explorer- Including registry Plugin, gives you a superior registry Editor and and File Explorer.
11. Systemix Pocket Draw- If you are an Engineer, Architect, or Project Manager this works for making on the fly drawings when AutoCAD or Visio isn’t an Option.
12. NeFa Studio nfPencil2- Excellent inexpensive utility for writing on the screen.
13. David Andre’s Batti- Excellent OSD Battery Utility for monitoring Battery usage.
14. Adobe Flash Player – Excellent for playing flash files on the go.
15. Thunder WM5 Storage- Allows you to Map a Drive on your PC and use your Treo as a Mobile Drive, Totally invaluable.
16. Cambridge Vx Util – A holdover from my old Ipaq Days, but its funny what you can finding just browsing att’s Data Network.
In All I have about 200.00, invested in software besides my Tomtom, Having all this functionality with me 24/7, Invaluable. Of Course, As with my Blackberry, being soo readily available and being so connected is totally fracturing Psyche, I hope to be totally over the edge by summer.
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