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Re: WiFi Unavailable

Originally Posted by shaggylive View Post
that's my best guess, kevinK has reported that his only works when cool, and we both think it's a hardware issue, likely caused by global warming.... lol,, ok could't resist something else to blame on co2.
no seriously, try it after the phone's been OFF (no power) a while and see if it works until it gets hot, or put in front of a cranked A/C vent.
So we're thinking maybe a safety mechanism here that shuts down the Wifi when it overheats? It's strange, that's never happened before I use it alot when I'm sitting at home. It just had 10 hours to cool down overnight in a 65 degree room and it's still not working.

I'm gonna give what you recommend a shot, but I have a feeling it's something else going on, no disrespect to you (I appreciate the help). This issue seemed to happen when I removed the settings for the only access point that it was veiwing in the Wifi settings, now it just says, and I quote, "Wi-Fi: Unavailable" on the today screen immediately upon turning the switch on, it doesn't even look for connections.

EDIT: Did what you recommended shaggy. Ice cold air vent with the phone off. Didn't seem to work. I honestly think this is a software issue, but I can't find anyone else that had the same problem.

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