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Re: WiFi on 3.42 Radio

Originally Posted by TweetyBear View Post
my wifi's been the same. in fact, i'm picking up more at my school. with the old radio, i couldn't find anything but now i can.
To each his own I suppose. My two laptops as well as my other pocket pc connect without any issue to my access point at my house. My Titan on the other hand picks up nothing. There are a bunch of other networks around my home that all my WiFi devices pick up, but my Titan picks up nothing now.

The worst part is that I get **** for reception at home, so I rely on Wifi to get my phone to be of any use to me. My friends love using it when they come over because none of them have a phone close to a Titan, but it's no good unless it gets service or connects to Wifi. I'm gonna investigate this issue.
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