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Treo - Carrier Logo field to display date script

Finally got my script to work....

I've been working on a script (CarrierDate.mscr) the past few days, which displays the date in the carrier logo area. Having a 240x240 display makes every little inch of the screen prime real estate. I used to run Hidelogo, TrueToolbar, along with BTicon, to display the BT icon on the screen. I can now remove TrueToolbar and BTIcon, leaving me more space. I'm not concerned about running tasks, since I use MenuPlus and usually kill unnecessary apps through there.

CarrierDate.mscr is still in the alpha phase, so I won't post the file here, for those interested.

It's actually very simple, for now, so it won't warrant an installer, since it requires my script to be copied in the \Windows\Startup folder. The only other requirement is Mortscript, which I'm sure most of you already have installed.
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