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Re: REQ: Recommended tweaks, add ons for TOUCH

Originally Posted by QkSi1ver View Post

now that BELL has finally come up with their official rom, i'm sure everyone ,(from BELL) who has been eager like me to to get those upgrades coming from an official source and avoid messing up with other custom ROMs,
will do the upgrades....

However, after reading soo many good things about other chef's rom , features, tweaks they have been adding on top of the RevA and Radio Upgrades .. I'd like to know if it is possible to add those features separately without messing with kitchen tools or what not...
Basically, I'm interested in :
1. the 1% Battery Fix
3. Better Keyboard and Apps that apparently the Diamond is using

4. any other tweaks that can be applied to make it faster?

Thanks all
well I'm not so sure now...
as you say there's a lot of goodies in the custom ROM's..

but this is not too grave, they can be installed separately

for me the decisive issues will be:

- whether the official BELL ROM still has that annoying (and omnipresent in the custom ROMs) problem when GPS eventually dies, requiring a soft-reset

- whether Bell is going to do something nasty to charge for GPS use...