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1. While some versions of the Slingbox have a tuner, the typical configuration would be from your video source (cable, sattelite, tivo, etc.) to the Slingbox, then the Slingbox to your TV, via S-video or RCA cables.

2. Short answer, no. The Slingbox takes control over the video device, so if you change the channel, the person watching TV would be forced to watch what you're watching, or visa versa. That's why I have my Slingbox hooked up to my bedroom TV (DirecTV), not the main Tivo in the house.

3. While I don't have Comcast, it should work fine. You control the unit, so as long as you have the patience to navigate through the menu system on a small screen, you can do anything with it.

As far as watching on EVDO, it looks great. Better than I would have ever expected, and much better than any other stream I've seen on my wx.
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