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I have went ahead and merged all 6 threads about the touch pro release date and price into this 1 thread please keep all talk and question in this thread any new threads will be deleted.

From the looks of it, Sprint has gone and gotten a decent chunk of its playbook leaked all over the interblogs, and it's chock-full of titillating information. Thanks to slippery fingers and loose lips, we already knew that the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro were headed to the carrier, but now we have some solid dates (mid-September for the Diamond, October 19th for the Pro), and pricing ($549.99 and $579.99 unsubsidized, $249.99 and $320 with contract). Of course, this is all according to the above document, which admittedly could be the work of an extremely bored Photoshopper -- but this jibes pretty tightly with a lot of other chatter we've been hearing.

didnt find a thread with an offical relase date
i saw ol dude post the price up bout not the release date
looks like 10/19 is wat we are lookin at now
got this off

YAy one month from tmw, thats the greatest news ever, i just wish i knew the exact price.

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