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Re: Gmail will recieve, but not send with Poutlook and WM 6.1

Originally Posted by rstoyguy View Post
Here are my settings from one of my provxml files I use that sets up one of my gmail accounts....You need to change the SMTP outgoing mailserver information highlighted in the darker blue. Sprints tech support can walk you through it.

<characteristic type="EMAIL2">
 <characteristic type="{86bcb241-aec1-4800-bd9c-2d5e7ee00005}">
  <parm name="SERVICENAME" value="Gmail - rstoyguy" />
  <parm name="SERVICETYPE" value="IMAP4" />
  <parm name="INSERVER" value="" />
  <parm name="OUTSERVER" value="" />
  <parm name="NAME" value="rstoyguy" />
  <parm name="AUTHNAME" value="" />
  <parm name="AUTHSECRET" value="deleted" />
  <parm name="DOMAIN" value="" />
  <parm name="REPLYADDR" value="" />
  <parm name="LINGER" value="120" />
  <parm name="RETRIEVE" value="-1" />
  <parm name="KEEPMAX" value="-1" />
  <parm name="DWNDAY" value="-1" />
  <parm name="FORMAT" value="2" />
  <parm name="AUTHREQUIRED" value="1" />
  <parm name="SMTPALTENABLED" value="1" />
  <parm name="SMTPALTAUTHNAME" value="dmcniel08" />
  <parm name="SMTPALTPASSWORD" value="deleted" />
  <parm name="SMTPALTDOMAIN" value="" />
Thanks I will give that a try!!
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